Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Amazing Sunset……

I like taking pictures. My favorite subjects of photography are, my two years old and nature. Just the other day I captured this amazing sunset from my aunts kitchen window. After raining for two days in New York City the clouds started to spread revealing the blue sky. Thought I should share it with you.

Khaly Tory

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Transformation of a Dry Tree Branch

Recently I learned to make spiral roses. For a very love time my living room has been dark. All my furnitures are black, so this is a perfect opportunity for me to add some color to the room. After looking for a few days I found the perfect dry branch in my local park. I cleaned the branch thoroughly. I did not paint it. I like its natural dullness.

I made 50+ spiral roses in four colors and four sizes. I used colored construction paper. For leaves, used green construction paper and using scissors cut them in shapes.

Using hot glue gun I put together the flowers and leaves in place.

I avoided putting together too many flowers, because that will prevent earthy patterns of the branch from standing out.

Supplies Needed:

1. Tree branch

2. Construction paper

3. Hot glue gun

4. A pair of scissor

Note: How to make a spiral rose can be found here…… just click on the link bellow:



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