Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gold and Blue Girl's Dress

Hello My Blogger Friends, I am back to blogging after a long time. Sorry for the long absence. Life takes turns ans twists but here I am. I could not be happier to present my newest project. It is my first take on sewing in a very long time and certainly my first baby girl dress. 

Above are the 2 types of fabrics that I used. The golden fabric was leftover from another project and the till color was matched. I had all the fabric used in this project in hand from before. So I did not spend any money. 

Above is the picture of front body. This was a leftover solid fabric from another project. I used embroidered net fabric for the vertical design. 

I did not use any commercial pattern for this project. I drafted one by hand. 

Above picture the body belt design have been shown. this technique is fairly easy. As you can see using pins I have secured the random pleats. Then I stitched over to secured them permanently. 

Here above picture is showing all the pieces before being put together as a dress. As you can see I have pre-pleated the bottom half of the dress for convienance. also the till colored borders were pre-prepared. 

Here you can see the compleated dress. Pleats were ironed carefully for even look. 

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By Stephanie Lynn  
The Girl Creative