Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sunburst Mirror

I have always wanted a Sunburst Mirror. I never bought one because copper made ones are pretty expensive and $20.00 ones look chip. This time I decided to do it myself with $10.00.

This is my inspiration. It can be bought at amazon for $327.88.

My own piece.....

Accessories I bought are:

a. 2 packs of bamboo sticks for $2.00

b. 1 mirror for $1.50

c. 1 spray paint for $2.69

d. Decorative embellishments: I already had them

The picture above shows my preparation that I made a paper template of the mirror, and divided the bamboo sticks in three groups and marked them with marker. Paper template of the mirror was folded to determine the number of sections and their size. Then they were transferred on the back of the mirror using a soft pencil. Measurements had to be very precise. Bamboo sticks were marked in three sizes that the shortest one shown in the pictures had to go deep compared to the longest one.

Then I started to glue bamboo sticks to the mirror using my glue-gun. I glued then each section at a time. Old  CD was used to support the sides. I left it over night to dry.

Closer view of the glued center.

Closer view while painting.

Next morning I painted with spray paint in antique gold color. While spray painting I covered the mirror with foil paper. I did 3 coding of paint on front and back. Between each coating of paint I gave three hours to dry. I decided to paint the back because some areas from side and back are visible from front.

View after painting.

Finished product.....

I left it for rest of the day and then glued decorative embellishments using glue-gun. I thought this part would be easy, but it was the most tedious of all. Using hot glue-gun on small parts is not very easy. By the way all the small parts are made of cupper. Also measurements between each had to be exact.

Another view....

Closer view.....


Final View on the wall.

To hang it I used a simple string tied it with two sticks across.

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  1. How very clever of you! This came out so well and looks so good. Your step by step is very clear so that when I try this I can know what to expect, thank you! Love this mirror!

  2. Great job, I have always admired those mirrors too!

  3. That is so clever! It turned out fabulous! Great job!

  4. Looks great! I just did one of these for my baby's nursery - it was surprisingly simple and fun! I love the color you made yours!

  5. SOO beautiful! I keep saying I'm going to make the time to make one of these, and I keep putting it off. I wonder why? :) You did SUCH a precise and beautiful job! Thanks so much for linking up to style feature saturday! -shaunna :)

  6. That is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and the step by step tutorial.

  7. very cool!

    I featured you here:

  8. Thank you all for visiting my blog and taking your time to write comments.

  9. Looks great, could not tell the difference between the inspiration and yours!

  10. this is so wonderful! your version has WAY more charm than the expensive one :)

  11. looks great! big impact, too! coming over from sunday showcase party.

  12. What great work! It turned out beautifully. Thanks for sharing it!

  13. What a big statement for such a little price... very creative!